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2000, Nr. 10, S. 64 News    Successful spoga 2000    Suppliers exhibiting in the International Equestrian Centre at spoga in Cologne from 3 to 5 September 2000 recorded an outstanding response to their innovative product ranges, which will set the trends for the coming season. A total of 313 companies from 26 countries presented the international equestrian trade with a complete range for both horse and rider, from riding fashion for 2001 to an ergonomically perfected saddle or a horse blanket with permanent magnetic strips.      Kiebitzmarkt initiates insolvency proceedings    The news of Kiebitzmarkt's application to the Lüneburg district court for the institution of insolvency proceedings on 15th August has hit those using the organisation's franchising system like a bombshell. As the board of directors and management of the concern informed their franchisees and suppliers in writing, this liquidity squeeze has resulted from certain failures to fulfil financial commitments and because some stores were not keeping to the rules. In view of the threat of insolvency, the board of directors and management reached the conclusion that there is no guarantee that the Kiebitzmarkt central office can continue to function and that this situation makes it difficult, if not altogether impossible, to continue to operate the concept with any success.         The letter written by the board and management makes it clear that, despite the regrettable situation, the search will go on, in cooperation with the receiver, other Kiebitz friends and supporters of the underlying idea, to find a sustainable solution, if possible making use of the Kiebitz logo. How such a solution might turn out is entirely open at the present time. Dr. Ties Möckelmann, managing director of Kiebitzmarkt, departed from the concern "for reasons of health" at the beginning of August. As far back as the beginning of June he had announced that he was leaving the Kiebitzmarkt central office in Lüneberg at his own request. The reason he indicated at that time was a desire to devote himself more specifically to his own business interests.   Fun concept for Kassel fair        The two specialised trade cooperatives, SagaFlor/Saga Zoo and egesa-zookauf, want to boost the image of Kassel as a fair location for the years to come by means of a concept that is totally new to the German pet sector. The emphasis is not to be on ordering activities at Gartenevent and Zooevent on 7 and 8…
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